Pebble Push

Pebble Push is a level based board game. The goal is to remove pebbles from the board by matching 5 or more pebbles in a line.

Select a pebble then tap a tile to move it to. Make sure the path is clear. Match 5 or more in a line either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to remove the pebbles from the board. Match 7 in a line or make matches in multiple directions at once to see what special pieces you will get. If a move doesn’t make a match 3 new pieces will be placed on the board. Tap on bombs to remove more pieces, but if you wait too long they’ll go off on their own.

Get as many points as you can in the number of moves allowed or on some levels you may be racing against the clock. Be sure not to fill up the board before finishing. Get past the first level pack to unlock an entirely new game mechanic.

"This is a great game! It's a little tough to get 3 stars on through. Worth downloading for sure!!"
"Fun to play and addicting!!"